Gives rounded borders to images


Turns images into circles by adding 50% border-radius

.space-bottom0, .space-bottom1, .space-bottom2, .space-bottom4

Adds bottom margins in increments of 5, 10, 20 and 40, respectively. .space-bottom is an alias for .space-bottom2

.space-bottom2 or .space-bottom


Sets text to 12px and headings to 12px with all caps.

I don't know what we're yelling about

Warning Do not eat iPod shuffle


Sets fine print to 10px.

Warning Do not try to read this


Sets font weight on elements to bold.

.text-left, .text-right, .text-center, .text-justify

Aligns text. .center is an alias for .text-center.



.text-center or .center

.text-justify .text-justify .text-justify .text-justify


Mutes text to #7f7f7f.

I just don't have anything to say.

.success and .danger

Contextual colors for good and bad

Research complete

Not enough minerals


Control where borders are set on an element



Creates a stylized box.

I'm boxy

Rounded corners

Round the corners of an element. .unround will take off rounded corners if they exist.


.pull-left and pull-right

Floats content to left or right



Easily clear floats by adding .clearfix to the parent element. Utilizes the micro clearfix as popularized by Nicolas Gallagher.

Column 1
Column 2


Quick way to set position to relative.


Element is positioned in parent with .contain class.

Absolute positioning

Pin elements to the side or corners of an element. Be sure .contain is included on the parent element.



Clip text and show an ellipsis for overflow.

Hey Jim, this is Louie down at the fish market. You going to pick up these halibut or what?


Strike through text.

strike out

.inline and .block

Change the display of an element.

I'm an .inline div
I'm a .block link


Add shadow to an element's bottom corners to lift it off the page.

Lift off!


Makes text unselectable.

You can't select this.

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