The design system and styleguide behind IT products at CareerBuilder.

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  • Many components

    Kabu provides a lot of different elements and components to help you create the perfect look and feel for your app.

  • Responsive

    We haven’t forgotten about responsive layout. With Kabu, your app is well-tuned for devices of all shapes & sizes.

  • Unified experience

    Unifying our presentation and front end development within IT is important. As a framework, Kabu is lightweight and well suited for your needs.

Kabu is packed with a ton of new features and leaner codebase to help you build beautiful applications for the modern web.

Rapid Prototyping

Kabu is a complete redesign of our original framework. So far it's been working great for us, and we hope it evolves the way your team builds products.

  • Documentation with detailed code examples
  • Library of tested components
  • Improved grid & helpers for responsive apps
  • Usability sprinkled into every detail
  • Tutorials to bring you up to speed

Sharpen your Kabu skills

Beef up your design arsenal through our tutorials and detailed code examples. You'll learn the same valuable skills and techniques our designers use on a daily basis. Need custom training? Send a message. We'd love to chat.

Built on open source

Kabu ships as plain CSS, but its source is developed and maintained on GitHub. Use our LESS configuration files and Grunt task runner to customize Kabu in your project.

// Change the primary color from blue to red
@brand-primary: @fill-red;


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